Cancelling appointments

Appointments can be cancelled by  clicking on the button labelled “Cancel” in the application menu bar near the top of the page. This will open a modal dialogue where you can confirm cancelling the appointment and select what notifications, if any, you would like to send to the customer.

By default, the customer will receive no notification that their appointment has been cancelled. To send a notification check the box labelled “Send Notification to Customer“. As always, the message containing text areas are automatically filled with a helpful default message that can be edited as needed.

Missed appointments

Similar to cancelling appointments, you may mark an appointment as missed if a customer fails to appear on their scheduled date. Click the button labelled “Missed” and a modal will popup asking for confirmation. This action does not send a notification to the customer that they missed their appointment.

Restoring Cancelled and missed appointments

If you ever need to restore an appointment that has been cancelled or marked as missed, simply click the button labelled “Reschedule” and select a date to restore the appointment to. See the post on Rescheduling Appointments.