Rescheduling Appointments

Rescheduling and moving an appointment to a different date is quick and easy. Find and view the appointment you wish to reschedule. In the appointment menu near the top of the page click the button labelled “Reschedule“. This will load a modal dialogue allowing you to choose a new date and options notify the customer.

Selecting a new dates

Just like when you create an appointment, the earliest available appointment date is already selected. Clicking on the date input will reveal a  date picker widget allowing you to select from all available future dates. Dates that are currently unavailable for booking are shown in red and can not be selected.

Read the next section if you need to force an appointment onto a day that is currently full or otherwise unavailable. 

Overriding Appointment booking limits

Below the date input you will see a checkbox labeled “Allow Override”. When this box is checked,  you can choose any date from the current day forward, even days where the shop is closed We suggest you use this feature with caution to avoid booking errors. 

Notifying the customer

You can automatically send notifications via SMS and email to the customer when rescheduling an appointment. By default, no notifications are sent. If you wish to notify the customer of the change of appointment, check the box labelled “Send Notifications to Customer“, then select if you wish to send SMS, email or both. To speed things up, a default message is provided, but these messages can be changed before sending.