Cancelling appointments Appointments can be cancelled by  clicking on the button labelled “Cancel” in the application menu bar near the top of the page. This will open a modal dialogue where you can confirm cancelling the appointment and select what … Read more

Rescheduling Appointments Rescheduling and moving an appointment to a different date is quick and easy. Find and view the appointment you wish to reschedule. In the appointment menu near the top of the page click the button labelled “Reschedule“. This … Read more

Completing Appointments When a bike service has been completed, you can mark the appointment as complete and let the customer know that  their bike is ready in one easy step! Complete the Appointment In the appointment menu near the top … Read more

Receiving Appointments There are a just a couple steps to take when a customer drops their bike off for an appointment. Begin by finding and viewing the customer’s appointment. Mark bike as received In the appointment menu, near the top … Read more

Creating Appointments There are to ways in which appointments are created for your shop. Firstly, they can be booked online by customers via either your custom booking page, or the embedded booking widget on your site. Secondly, they can … Read more