Creating your shop

After successfully registering your account and signing in for the first time, you’ll be presented with a form asking for details about your shop.

This where you will set several essential account settings. 

Business Info

This information is displayed publicly to help customers identify your business and connect with you. You should make sure that they are accurate and recognisable. These values can all be changed later in settings.

Shop Name

This is the name of your business, and let’s customers know which shop they are booking their appointment for.

Phone Number

A valid phone number customers can use to contact your shop directly for more information or to change an appointment booking. 

Business Email

The default email through which customers can contact your shop about their appointment bookings. This email is displayed in the contact form located within your shop’s public booking page, and is also used as the email address in the “From” field for email notifications and reminders sent from the application. 


This should be a valid url that directs users to your business’s website, or online store.


Your shop’s location address is used to help customer’s find your shop, and is used to place a marker on the map located in your public booking page. If your address does not show up on the map, or the marker is placed in an incorrect location, please contact support. 


Set the local timezone at your shop’s location. This setting is critical to ensure that your appointment reminders are sent at an appropriate time, and that the application schedules appointments for the correct dates.