Connecting a Lightspeed Retail Account

If your shop uses Lightspeed Retail POS, then you will be happy to know that you can integrate your Lightspeed account with Velodrop and take advantage of some extra features. 

To get started, navigate to the “Settings” page from the admin dashboard, scroll down the page to the Administration section and click on the button labelled “Integrations“. 

Connecting to Lightspeed

To connect your Lightspeed Retail Account to you Velodrop account, simply click the “Connect” button. Procede to login to your Lightspeed  account.

Granting Access Permissions

You will be prompted to authorise Velodrop to access your Lightspeed Retail account. Velodrop will ask Lightspeed for permission to access the following scopes:

  1. View, create, update, and archive customers.
  2. View, create, update, and archive workorders.
  3. Create new sales, and read sales history.
  4. View, create, update, and archive vendors and manufacturers.

Click the “Authorize Application” button to grant access.