Exporting Veldodrop Customers To Lightspeed

You can create new Lightspeed customers, and link existing Lightspeed customers to existing Velodrop customers easily from within the app a number of different ways.

1. From the edit customer page

You can attach a Velodrop customer to Lightspeed from the edit customer page. Near the bottom of the page, under the section “Lightspeed Retail Integration” and “Export Customer” simply click the link that reads “Add customer to Lightspeed”.

2. From An appointment

Customers can also be connected to Lightspeed from the appointment view by clicking the button “Connect Customer” inside the customer information box.

A modal dialogue, which includes the data that will be exported, and a list of search results from Lightspeed potentially matching the customer. You can choose to select one of the matching customers from the search results below, or create a new Lightspeed customer (default selection) using the details listed.

Simply click the button “Continue” and your Velodrop customer will now be linked to a customer in Lightspeed.