Creating Orders

To create a new special order navigate to “Order” in the dashboard sidebar menu. From this page you can search for existing orders or create a new order by clicking the green “+” button to the left of the search bar.

The order form

The form to create a new order contains 3 sections that are as follows:

  1. Customer
  2. Order Details
  3. Other Information


In this section you can create a new customer or select from a list of existing customers. Just begin typing the customers first and last name, and the application will begin sorting through a list of customers already in the database. A drop down input will appear below the customer’s name containing relevant matches. Browse the list and simply click the “Select” button to select an existing customer, or proceed without selecting to create a new customer on form submission.

Either a valid email address, or a valid phone number for the customer is required. It is not recommended, but if you really need to book an appointment for a customer with no contact information, you can do so by entering a dummy address in the email field, just be sure that it is not a real email address so not to spam anyone with appointment reminders and notifications. For example, you could use something like noreply@ your shop’s domain name.

If the customer would like notifications and reminders to be sent as an SMS text message, ensure that the phone number given is an SMS enabled mobile phone and that the “Send notifications via SMS” toggle is set to “Yes

Order Details

The “Item“, “Quantity“, and “Vendor”  fields are required. The other details can be added and edited after the order has been created.


Select the vendor that will be fulfilling the order from the select box. If you can’t find the vendor you are looking for, you can create a new vendor directly from the form by clicking on the button labelled “New” on the right side of the vendor input. A modal will popup with a form to create a new vendor. The vendor will be added to the order form  automatically when the new vendor form is submitted.