Booking Widget

When you successfully create your shop, a public booking form is automatically created for you. You can link to this page from anywhere and begin taking online appointment bookings for your shop in no time. However, if you would prefer customers to book their appointments from your own domain instead of directing them to an external website, we have provided a simple widget that you can embed on your own website. 

To get started from the settings page, under the section “Widgets“, click on the button labeled “Booking Widget“.

Enable booking widget

Simply click the button labeled “Enable Booking Widget“, and this will open a modal where you can enter the domain name of the website on which the form will be displayed, (eg.

Copy the code

Once you have successfully enabled use of the booking widget, you are presented with the embed code. Copy this code and insert it into your website wherever you want the form to be displayed. 


Your website will load a responsive, re-sizable multi-step booking form and your customers can now book appointments online without leaving your website!

Styling the widget

Unfortunately, since the booking widget is loaded inside an iframe, the content of the widget can not be styled using your website’s style sheet.