Connecting services to shopify products

By default when creating a new Shopify draft order from an appointment, each service and package is added to the order as a custom line item in Shopify.

However, if you’ve created products in Shopify for service charges and would like to associate these with your Velodrop services, we provide a way to do so.

Connecting services will populate a new draft order with line items containing existing Shopify products, allowing you to better track sales and improve reporting in  your Shopify admin.

Edit services and packages

In Velodrop, click to edit the service or package you’d like to connect with Shopify and scroll down to the section labeled “Link existing product“.

All you need to do here is enter the product ID of the associated product and click the save button.

Finding the Shopify Product ID

From the Shopify admin, go to “Products” and select the product you need to get the ID number for.

The number you need is located in the URL, which should be visible in your browser’s address bar. It looks like “…/admin/products/PRODUCT_ID“.

Copy this number and return to Velodrop to paste it into the input labeled “Shopify Product ID” where required.

When successfully connected, you’ll be able to see the title, description, price and SKU of the product as it exists in Shopify. You’ll also find a link to edit the relevant product page in the Shopify admin. 

Product Variants

If you need to add a Shopify product variant instead, simply enter the variant ID instead of the product ID. The find the variant ID from the product page, scroll down to the “Variants” box and  clicking the “Edit” button next to the variant.

The variant id will be visible in your browser’s address bar. It looks like “…/admin/products/PRODUCT_ID/variants/VARIANT_ID“.