Creating a new Shopify Draft Order from Velodrop

One of the perks of connecting your Shopify account is the ability to turn an appointment into a draft order in Shopify with the click of a button.

This is done from the appointment details page. Look for the square button with a Shopify icon below the customer information box. If the customer is already connected to a Shopify profile, the button will be labeled “Draft Order“. If not the button will be labeled “Connect Customer“. Before creating a new draft order, the customer will need to be attached to a Shopify customer profile first.

Clicking the button will create a new Shopify draft order, and load a new Shopify tab in your browser so you can edit it further.

Each service and package in the appointment will become a new line item in the draft order with a title and a price. By default services are added as custom line items. If you have your service items already created as products in Shopify, you can connect them to your services and packages.