Importing customers from Shopify

There are multiple ways to access exisiting customers from your Shopify account and import them into Velodrop to use in creating new appointment, orders and warranty claims.

1. When Creating A New Event

The most likely time you will need to import a Shopify customer is at the time of creating a new event, such as an appointment, order or warranty claim. The workflow for doing so is simple.

Search for a customer

Begin typing the customer’s name in the search bar at the top of the form. If any customer names matching the search exist in the database, they will appear in the dropdown list of results below. If no suitable results come back, you can extend the search to look for customer in the Shopify database by clicking the “Search Shopify” button at the bottom of the search box.

Shopify customers search modal

A modal will pop-up containing the results from Shopify. If needed, the search terms can be modified and submitted again.  Results will be updated and shown below the search input.

Importing the customer

When the customer you are looking for is found, you can import and use this customer in Velodrop by clicking the “Import” button for that customer. This will open another modal giving you the opportunity to make any changes to the customer data before being imported. 

When your finished making any changes you wish to make, click the “Continue” button, and this customer will be imported into your Velodrop database and attached to the current event being created.

2. From the settings page

You can also search for, and import Lightspeed customers from the integration settings page, under the Lightspeed Retail section.

Settings > Integrations > Import Customers

Search and import

You can search for, and import a customer the same way described in section 1